The Heavenly Viceroy of Seven Provinces Lord Su is the Chief Deity of Jhen Hai Kung Temple Palace. He was assigned by the Jade Emperor of the Heavens to assist media in their planchette and help the world. He has been stationed in Jhen Hai Kung Temple Palace to field questions for over a century. Those who have heard of his deeds are always amazed of his power.

Fengshui Ruined in Lunzaiding; Lord Su Comes to Rescue──

In 1961, Lundaiding was shrouded in sadness. Many young men died out of sudden and for no reason within a few months. This death toll was a catastrophic blow to Lunzaiding, a fishing village. Locals asked Lord Su what was going on. A formal and major ceremony was put in place, with four people carrying a sedan chair where the media sat. Sandal wood was spread all over the shrine. Under the instruction of Lord Su, the media wrote with the handle of the sedan on the sandal wood. Lord Su indicated that a cemetery destroyed Fengshui of Lunzaiding to the south of the Old of Jhen Hai Kung Temple Palace. It was later found out that the location was at the centre of Fengshui in Lunzaiding. It was also the heart of the spirituality for the whole village. An obstruction of energies at the core was like putting a stone in the throat. This conflict claimed many lives and caused numerous disasters. However, there were hundreds of cemeteries. Which one was the culprit? A request was submitted to Lord Su to conjure his power in order to resolve the problem. According to his instructions, masonry nails and ox ploughs were prepared. Lord Su practiced a ritual with masonry nails and ox ploughs to break this ruined Fengshui. After that, the village resumed its peaceful and there has been no accidental death of the youth.

Japanese Policeman Consults Oracle for His Son──

The Japanese government in Taiwan practiced "Tennoization" (i.e. Japanization) by suppressing local culture. Religious activities were also restricted. Consulting oracle was banned completely. Locals used the euphemism, “discussing with Temple Brother” when they were planning to consult oracle in Jhen Hai Kung Temple Palace. A Japanese policeman was worried about his sick child because no medication had worked. Hearing that “Temple Brother” was very helpful, he decided to consult oracle despite the restriction of the Japanese royal decree. Media boy at that time, Shuei-Chr Hong, requested the instruction from Lord Su and the young boy recovered. Since then, Jhen Hai Kung Temple Palace became the only temple where consulting oracle and asking help from media was allowed.

Acute Disease Doctor Cannot Help; Lord Su Comes to Rescue──

In 1976, the media boy, Bian-Bo Huang, had a seizure due to high blood pressure. He went into a shock immediately and passed out. His family called for an ambulance right away and sent him to People’s Hospital across from Donggang Bureau. They also informed the committee members of the temple. Physician-in-charge Lu (currently practicing his own clinic in Donggang Township) started an emergency treatment as soon as Bian-Bo Huang was sent to hospital. The blood pressure was measured to be 220m.m. (vs. the normal level of 140/90). Bian-Bo Huang was later brought to the emergency room for a drip injection. Everybody stayed by his bed side. When the drip bottle was still 4/5 full, Bian-Bo Huang suddenly sat up, to everybody’s surprise! It was Lord Su who has just arrived! He lifted his hand and brushed his own face from top to bottom for three times. Then he woke up! He asked his family when he was there, receiving a drip injection. Dr. Li was asked to come over. He measured blood pressure again for Bian-Bo Huang and it dropped to 150 mm! Even the doctor was amazed. Bian-Bo Huang was the media boy at that time. He only finished the first four years of elementary school. However, he could write great calligraphy and poetry as long as Lord Su comes to him. If anybody was planning to come for a consultation in the afternoon, he would always have sensed it and gone to the temple to wait.

Woman Suffers from Schizophrenia; Lord Su Expels Japanese Ghost──

In 1996, the wife of a senior executive in Taiwan suddenly lost her mind. She spoke gibberish and smashed things randomly. She went out in the middle of the night. According to doctors, she was suffering from schizophrenia. However, medication and treatments did not help. As her symptoms resemble somebody who is possessed, this couple visited temples all over Taiwan and hoped to resolve their problems with help of deities. They came to Jhen Hai Kung Temple Palace via a friend in Southern Taiwan. The media was called in. According to Lord Su, she was possessed by a Japanese ghost. The communication with this ghost found that this male ghost went to her because he was very homesick and wanted to return to Japan. In fact, there have been cases of Japanese ghosts hassling local Taiwanese because they wished for a cross-over and wanted to return to Japan. Lord Su asked him to think what he needed over the next three days. Three days later, the Japanese ghost asked for a ship with very exact specifications and a Japanese national flag at the bow. There would also be seven ladies (made of grass), some pigs and sheep, daily necessities, gold and silver. He asked the ship to be cremated on the beach. On that day, this couple and the media boy went to the seaside not far from Jhen Hai Kung Temple Palace. They cremated everything per the instructions of the Japanese ghost. At the end of the ceremony, this ghost asked the woman to give him a souvenir. She took off her gold ring and threw it into the fire. At that juncture, gusty winds and floating sands blew away everything. Since then, she resumed her normal self. This couple later donated a handsome amount to the temple because they were so grateful of Lord Su’s help.

Little Boy Almost Die of Meningitis──

arrator & Witness: Ming-Li Chang, Committee Member of Jhen Hai Kung Temple Palace

In 1973 (when a bowl of minced pork rice still cost NT$2 only), we received a call when at home. It was just after the Chinese New Year and the weather was starting to warm up. “Min, the son of Chuan-Shen Hong, is critically ill” Min is the fifth son of Chuan-Shen Hong, a committee member too. Min was running a fever, having a severe headache and could not stop vomiting. The doctor diagnosed that it was Meningitis. They concluded that it could not be treated and sent him back. This young boy was at his last breath when he returned home. Out of desperation, the Hong family asked for help of Lord Su. Media boy, Bian-Bo Huang, a committee member Ming-Li Chang and other five, six people went to see the Hong family.。 When they arrived, Bian-Bo Huang started the ceremony immediately with a peach wood stick of 4 cm in diameter and 40 cm in length. The peach wood stick made a constant frequency of sounds again the table. Everybody was holding their breath, praying for a miracle so that Min could live. Approximately 20 minutes later, Bian-Bo Huang slightly waived his body, looking very solemn. People whispered, “Here comes Lord Su!” Lord Su immediately shouted and twisted and broke the peach wood stick on his hand! Everything stood in amazement because it was virtually impossible for humans to break such a thick stick, let along by twisting it. But the evidence was on the table, two segments of the same peach wood stick. At this juncture, Lord Su asked for red calligraphy pen and drew a talisman. An earth talisman was called upon, to cleanse the energies and calm the environment. The family took the burned talisman and inked paper and fed Min. More than ten minutes later, critically ill Min sat up and said he wanted to go to the toilet. After that, he walked to the gutter in front of his house to urinate. He then said he was starving and asked for food. He went back to the hospital for a check the following day and surprised all the doctors. He was completely recovered and never suffered from the same disease again.。 Ming-Chuan Hong is currently a policeman in Taipei City.


Lord Su gave medical instructions by making media write on a piece of yellow paper or prescribing incense ash with religious talismans. One follower came to ask for prescriptions but he threw it away on his way back. His health did not improve so he came to Lord Su again. Lord Su asked why he was bothered to come again since he ditched the incense ash away. This follower was amazed with Lord Su’s almighty power. Media boys have to act with integrity and honesty. Parents send their naughty children to Lord Su, hoping Lord Su help them to discipline these children. If these young media boys do not behave themselves, they would put their heads into the hole of the deity desk without control whenever Lord Su comes to them. After they wake up, they simply cannot get their heads out of the hole unless they admit their wrongdoings to Lord Su. This is a frequent occurrence and many temple workers have witnessed it.
2007 December, Ding-hai Year By Management Committee, Jhen Hai Kung Temple Palace