This Temple acts according to the Heavenly Decree and Commandment to support believers and safeguard the mortal realms. The Deities are dispatched from the Celestial Court to preside over regions on a rotation basis. They are seated in Jhen Hai Kung to remove doubt and answer pleas of worshippers. If any adherent wishes to have a question answered, please call to make a reservation and come in person to Jhen Hai Kung to pray before the Deities. Our Spiritual Medium will invite the Deity to the mortal vessel. The question will be delivered by our Table Master, and the Deity will explain away the doubts and provide a satisfactory answer.


This Temple will receive questions at any time of the year except for the 7th month of the traditional calendar

Please call to reserve a session with our deities: (08)832-7777; Reservation time will be 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

The questions will be asked at night-time

No payment is required for raising a question; believers are welcome to offer any amount they see fit during worship rites or prayers